Launching in January 2019

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement’s Master’s in Cybersecurity Management is an online professional degree program designed to address significant and large-scale needs in the cybersecurity field.

The Master’s in Cybersecurity Management will provide students with:

  • In depth of knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and systems technology
  • Skill and training required for leadership roles in the design, implementation and maintenance of a successful cybersecurity posture for an organization.

Students will study existing and emerging domain technology using interactive and engaging methods including labs, media and specialized video. In addition, the Program integrates non-technical business skills required of cybersecurity managers, including oral and written communications and presentation skills, negotiation, ethics, best practice process, policy/program building and management, personnel/team management, procurement, budgeting, planning, and risk management.

Students will also use the entire range of learning (technical, managerial and business-appropriate) in the successful delivery of a Program Capstone project.

Program Details

Credits Cost per Credit Tuition
33 $1,039 $34,287

Sample of Courses:

Cyber Network and Telecommunications Security

Cybersecurity Law and Policy

IT Security Auditing and System Monitoring


Business Principles and IT Security

Cyber Incident Response and Forensics