Online Master of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Management


A cybersecurity master’s degree will prepare you for a leadership role in any organization. Graduates from this program go on to fill positions in information security management.

With the Tulane Master of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Management, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand and apply risk management practices in a tailored plan for your organization
  • Analyze and apply preventative administrative controls
  • Understand and develop information technology security budgets based on security economics and risk modeling
  • Institutionalize security-relevant governance policy informed by compliance needs including cyber law and regulation
  • Understand, relate and apply commercial and government business process frameworks for security governance and management
  • Relate in-depth knowledge of LAN/WAN, Data Architecture, Security Auditing, System Monitoring, Wireless, Telecommunications, Web Applications and Cryptography technologies from a security perspective
  • Relate emerging technologies and tools, including IoT, Blockchain, biotech, and bioinformatics, to their impact on an organization's security posture

Every organization, private or public, needs data security protocols and successful cybersecurity in place. Go beyond theory and learn real-world cybersecurity from Tulane.