The MPS in Cybersecurity Management will provide you with the technical and leadership skills you need to advance your IT career and make a significant impact in any organization or industry. Upon completion of our degree, you will be able to:

  • Identify security risks and design and build working solutions to protect the computing assets of your organization
  • Develop, apply and institutionalize IT security risk management practices, governance policy and procedures
  • Synthesize security efforts within multiple segments of an organization, including IT and non-IT departments
  • Develop, articulate and champion business cases for proposed computing security projects and tasks that are steeped in real-world limitations
  • Evaluate, analyze and interpret security-relevant case and statutory law and legal trends in information assurance and incorporate into security management efforts informed by legal liability risk
  • Understand and develop IT security budgets based on security economics and risk modeling
  • Understand, relate and apply commercial and government business process frameworks for security governance and management
  • Relate in-depth knowledge of LAN/WAN, Data Architecture, Security Auditing, Cryptography technologies, as well as emerging tech from a security perspective
  • Relate emerging technologies and tools, including IoT, Blockchain, biotech, and bioinformatics, to their impact on an organization’s security posture