Frequently Asked Questions

No. Although the MPS in IT Management program is designed for professionals with significant IT experience, you do not need an IT degree. You will, however, be expected to have a wide breadth IT knowledge.

No. A GRE or GMAT is not required for acceptance into the online MPS in IT Management program.

Include a detailed explanation of why you are interested in the MPS in IT Management program, along with descriptions of your experience, strengths, accomplishments, intended area of focus during the program and your long-term career goals.

You will be required to complete 10 3 credit courses, including a capstone project.

Cohorts are structured for the individual. Full-time students may complete the program in three trimesters in one year. Part-time students are encouraged to take at least two courses a semester.

Yes, the course is designed for working professionals who may need to balance coursework with careers.

You will be required to attend monthly 2.5 hour synchronous sessions.


Between 10 and 15 students

Yes, students will be expected to participate in group projects and work groups outside of class.

Yes, professors will hold weekly office hours and will reply to emails within one business day.

You may qualify for a variety of financial aid options through Federal, State and private grants and scholarships.

You can learn more about how to apply here.